lundi 5 avril 2010

02 YZ250 - Removing Stickers/Decals

Old stickers were on the bike when I bought it. Some were in bad shape and not being a fan of stickers everywhere, I've decided to remove them all exept the original Yamaha Decals. This can be achieved very quickly without any effort.

The secret is a cheap heatgun!!

Wave the heatgun 2" over sticker for about 30-40 seconds. Use your nail to remove one corner and sticker should peel by itself. If you run into a rough time, heat the sticker a bit more and restart pulling operation. Important to say that sticker will come into one piece instead of multiples pieces when you don't use the heatgun! :)

Here in Canada, has a jobmate heat gun at 19.00$ CAD. Set it at "low" cause you don't need that much heat to have the sticker removed.

I'll get pictures of the bike once panels are reinstalled.

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