mercredi 15 juin 2011

02 YZ250 KickStart assy. mod (Final Solution)

Well, I thought I had posted my last and final modifications to this kickstart assembly modification. After reviewing my blog lately, I saved the draft version but never published it.

After doing the three first steps posted previously to attempt the installation of a counter pin to settle the kickstart lever in place, it was a total waist of time. Just trying to drill a hole through the kickstart shaft resulted in a total failure. The counter pin approach is good in theory but in practice, I finally decided to take another approach.

Ordering the final set of parts :
- I ordered another kickstart assembly shaft from the 2001 YZ250
- I ordered another kickstart oil seal from a 2001 Yz250
- I kept the machined crankcase bought previously and oversized the hole to fit the 2001 shaft (see prev. posts). Machining shop should be able to be right on target to fit the hole to the 2001 shaft.
- I found a used 2001 Kickstart lever with matching splines of the 2001 kickstart shaft in a local scrap yard here in Canada.
- I ordered new crankcase gaskets
- I ordered the 2001 Yz250 bolt to secure the kickstart lever

Installation steps :
With the crankcase dismantled :
- Insert the 2001 YZ250 Shaft and complete assembly
- Install the crankcase gasket
- Insert the machined crankcase that matches the bigger kickstart shaft from the 2001 model
- Insert the oil seal
- Install the new kickstart lever and secure with bolt

Final Result :
In the end, I just swaped in the parts of the 2001 YZ250 in the 2002 modified crankcase and the dirt bike has been working since then. Many kickstarts after, everything is still in place and works like a charm. I will post picture of the end state but for those who have had many questions if this was feasable, well it is!!!

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