lundi 22 février 2010

02 YZ250 Kickstart assy. mod (Step 1)

Great news, I have machined the parts with a friend of mine. We actually figured out a different way to complete the setup as we didn't have the equipment to perform machining of the splines. Plus, average costs are about 60$ CND or more an hour to get these splines machined. Average was a 3-4 hour job needed for the splines.

Machining was done at :

We did it a bit differently for those who would be interrested anyways.

- Machined the interior of the kickstand lever to remove splines
- Machined the Kickstart shaft to "Pressfit" the kickstand lever
- Machined the 2002 crankcase cover to accept the new shaft dimention (not even 2mm)
- Dealer has the 2001 oil seal in stock (will check if it fits nicely)
- Final design will be a "Spring pin" that will run across both parts (kickstart lever and shaft)

* Note : Of course resplining the shaft would of been the best solution. I've decided to take another route because of budget constraints and many other factors. If anything breaks and I need to access the clutch of any other bottom end parts, the removal of the "Spring pin" shouldn't be that bad. I'll give you updates went it's completed and fully mounted on the bike.

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