lundi 8 mars 2010

2002 YZ250 Removing stripped governor bolts

The 2001 oil seal fits perfectly and will be used.
The governor bolts are BackOrder. Trying to find a place to order them so I can complete this project.

I'm running into delays here because someone had already played in the old crankcase cover (bought the bike used) and the governor bolts were stripped. Because they are hard to reach, it wasn't possible for me to use a traditionnal dremel or metal saw. For those who don't really know what to do then, here's a little tip :

Buy a screw extractor set for about 10$ (here at and read carefully the instructions. These screwdriver bits are made of hard metal and must be used "Counter-Clock wise". One end is used to clean remaining metal and resize the hole for the other end to make threads. Flip the bit and slowly unscrew to thread the existing bolt. Eventually when it grips, you'll be able to unscrew the existing stripped bolt. Hard to explain but instructions are clear enough!

Bolts should arrive pretty soon! Once they arrive, I will complete the engine mount and kickstart the engine.

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