mardi 23 mars 2010

02 YZ250 Kickstart assy. Mod (Step 2)

I finally received the governor bolts and I will reasemble the engine components. Hope I can finish this pretty soon so I can finally give you results. Here's what's left to do :

- Torque Clutch Basket nut
- Pry the Clutch Basket nut lock
- Insert Clutch (pressure plates and friction plates)
- Insert push rod correctly
- Insert Clutch inner cover and torque bolts to appropriate values
- Install new gasket in Clutch cover and torque to appropriate values

Have the kickstart's swivel base drilled to accept a "Roll Pin" instead of a "Spring Pin". It's been suggested by a member of the forum and seems to actually better fit the need for this application. Will let you know the outcome.

By the way, estimate date of completion should be close to march 27th, 2010. Stay tuned.

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